Saturday, April 11, 2015

Movie with him

It was just an ordinary Monday and definitely I was feeling Monday blue. 
Something to make me not feeling so blue was a movie with him at the night. 
It was planned on Sunday randomly and he is willing to come to one u for the movie. 
As he knows I will be working late as usual. 
However, as normal, I assumed there would be a dinner with him before the movie. 
Until he texted me in the afternoon saying that he gonna have dinner with mum before the movie. 
Meaning that I gonna have dinner with my colleagues and join him only for the movie. 
Was feeling disappointed.  Sigh, maybe I just think too much. 

As agreed, we met at the cinema before the showing. 
I was being not-so-happy when I was on the way to the cinema. 
Just because of the dinner thing.

Luckily the movie wasn't bad, my mood back to normal after movie. Lol. 
But then something fishy happened just before the movie started. 
I bought seat B11,12, when we got into the theater, I found the B11 and let him sit beside which I assumed is B12. 
Who knows it is actually B10 and he didn't realized too until the girl came. So we moved a seat to the right, it was so embarrassing. >.<

After the movie, he dropped me to my car before we say goodbye to each other. 
That's all the first movie with him. 


Woan Chee said...

You din mention about that he paid u his portion. 😂😂😂

June said...

😑😑😑 don't wanna bocor it, give him one more chance