Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cocuriculum day

In semester 2, we are compulsory to involve in sports or other societies to get the 2 credits of cocuriculum... I followed my frenz and join table tennis... Actually i know only a bit about table tennis...

After 8 weeks of suffering, it's the time for cocuriculum day... our table tennis is on saturday and sunday while other sports only one day.. feel unfair.. summore the coach wanted all of us to involve in the competition... i played for team 3(team 1 is the best one...) female double with woan chee... we only manage to win one game when we vs team 2 but lose to the team 1...

At the end, our group 'Tuesday afternoon' got the first runner up of the competition with 3-1 in final...

chee, assistant and me

ling, calliope, chee and me

me, 'guang liang', chee and ling

group photo

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