Wednesday, September 24, 2008

再次四人行的云顶之旅 Genting Trip

Last time we went to genting was on 10 march... This time we went again after 6 months and 11 days and we decided to stay overnite...

1st day...
we met at amp lrt then ocm's parents send us to the titiwangsa to take bus(thanks ^^)... first time taking bus to genting... reach there about 9am... put our baggage at the hotel lobby then straight away go to outdoor theme park...

bumper boat

cockcrew(roller coaster) [we hav to wait until it's full then only can play]

matahari(ferris wheel) [cyy very scared of this and we hav nice view from here]

flying dragon [met an elephant on the way to tis flying dragon then took a photo with 'him']

rolling thunder mine train [i tried many times but failed to take an successful photo of our group photo ]

antique car [my first time playing time and we kept collide with xian & ocm's car]

pirate ship [the woman behind us laughed very loud and we feel so funny]

pirate train [we thought this is a ghost train but it changed to pirate train alrdy and cant find even one ghost there]

- Lunch time -

monorail [took many photo here and we saw a cute boy]

spinner [xian didnt play this bcoz she was not feeling well]

mary go round [played tis while waiting to check in the hotel]

tea cup [we just like VIP whe playing this bcoz only 4 of us]

- Check in -
played cards in hotel and we punished those who lose in the game to do something...

cyy - send 'i love u' to someone in the phone name list, make funny face
ocm - wait for us to finish our cup noodle b4 she can eat
xian - help all of us to take hot water, help us to buy bus tickets
me - call reception for extra pillow, help them to place order for dinner, record something funny

*we feel scary while playing cards at nite, for more detail about tis see in ocm's blog...

2nd day...
cyy n xian had their breakfast in first world cafe (they wanna try although ocm said the food was not nice).. ocm n me went to McD for our breakfast..

we went back to hotel as cyy not feeling well.. 3 of us playing card again... and we did something on cyy ringtone(dunno she realize or not)... took some photo in the hotel before check out...

- Check out -

we had our lunch in the food court..
xian - her favourite tom yam again..
ocm - pisang goreng (very nice de..)
cyy - tempura

then xian helped us to buy the bus tickets as she lose in the games... but xian was so forgetful until forgot to take the change.. luckily the guy gave her back the money...

took some photo with the genting view then went back to KL...

*for more detail or photo, u can go to
xian and ocm's blog...

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xian said...

haha~~ miss dat time.. 好象一下子就过了..
wanna record our PV agn!!!