Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My love - ARASHI

so happy now... bcoz i hav downloaded all ARASHI's single from the 1st single to the 21th single...

now let me list down all the single :
01[1999.11.03] A.RA.SHI
02[2000.04.05] SUNRISE日本/HORIZON
03[2000.07.12] 台風ヅエネレ一ツヨソTyphoon Generation
04[2000.11.08] 感謝力ンゲキ雨嵐
05[2001.04.18] 君のために僕がいる
06[2001.08.01] 時代
07[2002.02.06] a day in our life
08[2002.04.17] ナイスな心意気
09[2002.10.17] PIKA*NCHI
10[2003.02.13] とまどいながら
11[2003.09.03] 八ダツの未来/言葉より大切なもの
12[2004.02.18] PIKA*NCHI DOUBLE
13[2004.08.18] 曈の中のGalaxy
14[2005.03.23] サクう咲ケ
15[2005.11.16] WISH
16[2006.05.17] きつと大丈夫
17[2006.08.02] アオゾうペダル
18[2007.02.21] Love so sweet
19[2007.05.01] We can make it!
20[2007.09.05] Happiness
21[2008.02.20] Step and go

now... i m going to promote my love - ARASHI's single...
"A.RA.SHI" - the song that i like the most... the 1st song of ARASHI...

"感謝力ンゲキ雨嵐" - they will sing in the last part of the concert... i feel wanna cry when i watch they sang this song in the concert...

"時代" - the theme song of "金田一少年事件"

"サクう咲ケ (Sakura Sake)" - when they sang this song in the concert, everyone in the concert will become very high and sing together...

"WISH" - i used this song as my ringtone although i hav changed my phone... cant change the ringtone bcoz this is the first song when i first "fall in love" with ARASHI... this song is also the theme song of 'Hana yori Dango 1'...

"きつと大丈夫" - 'no problem' if the song title is translated into English...

"Love so sweet" - theme songs of 'Hana Yori Dango 2'... like the solo of Jun in this song...

"We can make it!" - theme song of 'Bambino'... the PV of this song is the first PV (ARASHI) that i download...( if i m not mistaken)

"Happiness" - like this song's PV bcoz of the funny action of ARASHI... never feel bored when i watch this PV... they wore colourful trousers during the Music Station (love Jun's purple trouser)....

"Step and Go" - the latest single of ARASHI... i hav used this song title as my blog's title... colourful PV and i like the slow motion in the PV...

p/s: before i forget, they are going to release new single "ONE LOVE" on 25 June... this song is also the theme song of 'Hana Yori Dango Final' movie... very nice (both song and the movie)~~

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