Thursday, May 29, 2014

Emotional day

One day of last week, I got a complaint email from my client, whom I never met before as I liaised with him only through email. I felt I was at the lowest part of the world and feel like hiding my self from everyone. I did sent an email for apologies which I wouldn't know whether he accepted or not. And, I didn't know whether that was a right decision to send him apologize email. The day after that so-called-incident, I felt like my Director knew it. I am not sure whether I worried about it and thought too much. But I felt 'something', not sure. That day was my first day which I slept so early throughout 2014, I would said. I can't face it and I rather sleep and not think about it. This is me, always avoiding things or problem that I wouldn't want to do or solve. My bad attitude. Okay, that's all for last week. It's over now.

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