Thursday, March 20, 2014


Now playing: Westlife - Swear it again 

Tomorrow will mark the last day of the one month period. I gonna delete all whatsapp conversation with him *although it is only a few message*, and reset my mind. 

I swear it again, I will let go this stupid-and-no-return-thought. I tried myself not to think about him anymore. But I dreamt of him again last night. Sob sob. He was sitting not far from my seat and I could hear him talking from the back. I put on the earphone and increase the volume so that I could hardly hear what he was talking. 

I can do it!


Woan Chee said...

Yes. You can do it. =)
last day!

June said...

I did it i think.

Woan Chee said...

Good. :)